What do you call a Health Club that uses a grand foyer of over 2,000 sqft. to do nothing but welcome you??? A Luxury Health Club! You're absolutely right... Or you could even call it - Zela!

Designed and built on over 20,000 sqft., right in the heart of the Prestige Technology Park, Zela offers you something you probably haven't had the opportunity to experience before.

A delightfully refined way to stay healthy and fit!

The first thing that's likely to excite you about Zela is the abundance of elbow room (our change rooms for instance, are the size of most gyms in the city)!

Second, is the way every conceivable luxury and comfort has been provided to encourage you to spend time here! Be it the temperature-controlled ambience, 100% sanitized towels in the shower or the carefully chosen music for the different energy spaces. While there's little doubt that we intend to pamper you, there lies a host of facilities and equipment for the serious health enthusiast...

A world-class Gymnasium, a Swimming Pool, a Group Exercise Studio in addition to a Spinning Studio! And if that wasn't enough, there's more, a Steam!

Add to that, the opportunity to engage socially and you have a lot more incentive to pursue a happier, fitter & healthier life! We call it the Zela Life!

Use the form to express your interest or call us to fix an Appointment: +91 96114 26784